Website and user interface

We worked with the Army to create  a one stop location for up-to-date military benefits information. The website is used by all Soldiers (Regular Army, Army National Guard, and Army Reserve), Family Members, retirees and the general public. We created the look & feel, content design and the user-friendly  interface for the site.

Self assessment application

The “Disability Rating Estimator” self assessment tool is part of the Military’s Wounded Warrior project.  The tool enables an injured soldier to generate accurate disability ratings by using a simple, user-friendly application.   Behind the application, over fifteen thousand lines of programming code drive the intuitive interface.

Online and CD-ROM Game

Rusty’s Garage:
The client needed an entertaining way to engage preschoolers and introduce them (and their parents) to Rusty. The Rusty character is featured in a series of children’s DVDs that teach safety tips. We used animation, interactivity and sound to create two games for the client.

Hello world!

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